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Who are we ?

The leading distributor of Luxembourg life insurance contracts in Europe

First distribution partner of Luxembourg life insurance companies in Europe

On behalf of French, european or expats investors, we open 3 to 5 Luxembourgian contracts every week.

Directly paid by companies with no extra cost for the investor, we bring you the highest level of expertise.

The website « Assurancevieluxembourg.com » is the property of C è d r e Patrimoine company.As an Independent Wealth Management Consultant (CGPI) headquartered in France, our firm has all the certifications established by Law to exert its advisory mission.

We support you during each step of the subscription of your Luxembourgian life insurance contract (patrimonial balance sheet, presentation of various management options, permanent interface with the insurance company, help with tax reporting, personalized writing beneficiary clause and so on).
Feel free to request us, without any commitment, on other financial topics.

How did we become number 1 in few years ?

A powerful SEO on Internet search engines has given us many prospect requests. From the French saver wishing to secure 15,000 euros to the young senior expatriate in Asia, through the entrepreneur wishing to shelter securities of his company, every kind of investment issues appeared to us.

An accurate sense of service and our professionalism led us to look close at our Luxembourgian life insurance companies partner some solutions to provide full satisfaction to investors.

This is how we have moved from 3 luxembourgian referenced contracts few years ago, to over 12 today. From Lux company « mass market » French subsidiary to « pure-player » tailor-made champion in Luxembourg, our range of solutions is the largest in France, perhaps in Europe.

In addition, our asset allocations work. Intentionally conservative and cautious in building shares and bonds portfolios, our vocation is to limit the volatility of customers outstanding while serving their annual return as a good parent would do.

We are targeting an annual return of + 4.5% to + 6% with low volatility.

We could be more daring with more aggressive portfolios and therefore more profitable for our heritage firm, knowing also that the asset class equity outperforms other ones on long-term,but the volatility is the investor’s enemy.
Since we, as the Luxembourgian investment, are quite in a payment logic and not a scheduled monthly savings, it does not allow to smooth on long-term the purchase price of the units of mutual funds.

This cautious approach has enabled us to retain our customers who don’t hesitate to recommend us.
Among trust, rich offer, financial performance and professionalism, AssuranceVieLuxembourg.com is the market leader.

Who are our competitors and what do they offer ?

Private banking « retails »

These French institutions sometimes have a life insurance company subsidiary in Luxembourg. They may be able to offer a Luxembourgian contract. But an adviser with little knowledge on the topic field and a big pressure from shareholders to generate more Net Banking Income GNP (sales revenues) are rarely suitable with a good response for the investor.

More confidential private banks

These institutions (frequently subsidiaries of great helvetic firms) have mastered the subject of Luxembourgian’s life insurance.Nevertheless, they are voracious with costs (input and management of assets) and will offer a discretionary management provided by an internal manager to the society rather than seeking the skills of an independent financial asset manager.

This type of discretionary management is not a bad way, but is more about applying a robotic approach instead of 100% customized; unless to be substantial in terms of entrusted funds.

The Internet insurance traders

Some colleagues available online display good knowledge and light expenses. But none offer a selection of luxembourgian contracts as extended as AssuranceVieLuxembourg.com, which means that you won’t have the best solution fit for your needs.

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